Bankruptcy Problems Over

“We were struggling with mounting debts, our mortgage had changed from a fixed repayment to a variable and this meant the cost had almost doubled. We could see no way out until we heard of Beese Properties. We contacted them and within the hour we had a phone call to arrange a meeting. The following day we had an offer and peace of mind. The whole process was painless and without problems. All the details were dealt with by Beese Properties and were straightforward. I would recommend Beese Properties to anybody as they are honest and trustworthy and deal with all your problems, going the extra mile to help. They are friendly and approachable and helped us out of a difficult situation. Thank you Russell and all your team at Beese Properties.”

Gavin & Rachel, Skelmersdale


Repossession Stopped in 48 Hourstestimonial on sell house quick scheme

“We were so happy we found Beese Properties as they acted so quickly and stopped our repossession. We were in deep financial mess and due to be evicted from our flat in 2 days. After speaking with one of their representatives, they were able to stop the eviction and buy the flat and clear all our debts leaving us to get on with our lives debt free.”




testimonial on homebuyers ukA Rent Back for Life

“Beese Properties were extremely helpful to me as they were able to work out a solution for me to sell my house and rent it back from them for as long as I need. I had tried many other companies before them and nobody listened to what I wanted. Thank you for finding the ideal solution for me.”

We regret to inform that Beese Properties no longer offers rent back options due to new regulations.





Sold in 7 Daystestimonial on Beese Properties

“I needed a quick sale due to a job opportunity elsewhere in the country. Speed was of the essence and you offered me exactly what I needed. I would definitely recommend your company to family and friends.”





Quick and Easy Sale

“We would like to thank you for all the help and sound advice we received from your staff in selling our house in Birmingham. It went through so smoothly and easily thanks to your involvement so, once again, a big thank you.”

Mr & Mrs Aldridge, Birmingham




Rent Back Saved Us

“After being hit by both redundancy and illness, we got ourselves into a terrible financial situation and fell so heavily into debt that our mortgage was taking up both our monthly salaries. We tried all of the usual things, like talking to the bank and citizen’s advice etc, but no one offered any real solutions. Then we heard about Rent Back and after a lot of research and enquiries we approached Beese Properties. Russell Beese gave us a price for the house that was acceptable, including a rental scheme that was half of our mortgage payments. The completion was very smooth efficient and Russell kept us informed all along. We would not hesitate in recommending Beese Properties for Rent Back.”
(We regret to inform that Beese Properties no longer offers rent back options due to new regulations.)

Carl & Rosie, Exeter




Dream Retirement Possible

“After the sale of our house fell through on four occasions, and having committed a considerable sum of money towards our dream home in Spain, we were in nightmarish financial situation from which we could see no escape. It was by sheer chance, while surfing the internet, that we found Beese Properties. They made us an offer straight away and we were given a signed agreement within just four days. Now, in no more small part thanks to Russell Beese, we are looking forward to our retirement in Spain. Thanks a lot.”

Mr & Mrs Payne, Nottingham




Without Debts and Still at Home

“Upon recommendation your name was given to me, and I very nervously emailed you, asking if you were interested in properties in the Worcestershire area. As you were away at the time it was a couple of weeks before you emailed back. What a relief, you were interested, and from the first phone call, I felt reassured that all would go well. You gave the several options to think over and discuss with my children and yourself. An agreement was made and you put me in touch with a solicitor. The sale went ahead. You kept me informed of all details from start to finish. Every step was uncomplicated. If any of my friends were to be as unfortunate as myself to have financial problems the first person I would recommend would be Beese Properties. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support.”

Ms B Lane, Worcester


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