Sell Your House Quick – The Legal Process

What is the bureaucracy involved to sell your house quick?

The legal process to sell your house quick starts straight after the homeowner accepts the offer. The homeowner must then appoint a solicitor to act on his/her behalf and once appointed the solicitor will start the process of gathering the documentation necessary to transfer the property ownership to the buyer. This process is known as conveyance. The fees for this service vary between £250 and £700 and are always paid by the investor provided they do not exceed £500.

Both the homeowner and the buyer will have solicitors who will communicate to draft the necessary contracts and other supporting documentation. The homeowner’s solicitor then checks that the buyer’s funds are available and are ready to be transferred to the seller, following which an exchange of contracts takes place which seals the agreement. At this stage a date is fixed for completion.

Completion is normally set for a date within ten days of exchange of contracts but is timed to be convenient to all parties and to suit their needs. At this time the transfer of money takes place for the purchase.

The legal process to sell your house quick is a simple and straightforward process if the seller’s solicitor is experienced in this scheme. Beese Properties will be able to recommend a friendly and efficient solicitor who will guarantee the speed of the process to meet the seller’s requirements.



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