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Whatever reason you have for selling your property we can help and we do not charge you anything. There are no upfront charges and no valuation fees. You will not need an Estate Agent or pay solicitors fee.  We can make an offer today and exchange within a week.

We buy any type of residential property from anywhere in the UK.

We are homebuyers and we specialise in equity release and a quick sale. So if you want to sell your property fast contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Selling your flat or house could never be easier.

In 3 simple steps your property will be sold:

1. Fill out the form on the left hand side. It will take you just two minutes and you will be 2 steps away from selling your house.
2. We will obtain a fair valuation of your property and base our offer on a trade percentage of this valuation. Typically 75%. You are under NO obligation to accept our offer – only if it suits you.
3. If you accept, we will be quick and efficient and you will have your sale in no time with no fees- we will even pay your solicitor.

How a traditional property sale works and how frustrating it can be:

  • The estate agent may or may not value your property accurately. Some may value it down for high turnover. But will they market your property strongly? How long will it stay on the books?
  • You will have to produce a Home Information Pack;
  • You have a board outside and you have people walking round your home looking everywhere;
  • You could wait ages for an offer which statistically will be below asking price;
  • If you accept, you will have to wait for all the paperwork. Has the buyer got their mortgage yet? Searches, valuations, questions from the solicitor, etc;
  • Perhaps your buyer is in a chain and the chain might break;
  • Until exchange, there is a risk of the buyer pulling out – 1 in 3 house sales in England and Wales falls through;
  • If the sale goes through you have to wait for completion. You are paying the mortgage all this time – or your arrears are increasing;
  • You have to pay a solicitor, estate agent, removal company;

Fill out the form on the right hand side and sell your property within a week.



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